"Let us show the body the right direction and it will find its own way."

Jana Prokešová

„When you improve a little bit every day, probably big things will happen. When you improve your fitness a little every day, then probably you achieve great results. Not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, but great results will come. Don’t seek fast improvement. Make small improvements every day. That is the only way to achieve something and when you achieve that it will last.“

" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."




Rehabilitation with its specific resources interferes where movement and other physical and mental functions of a person are threatened by injury, disease or congenital malformation of the aging process. The aim of rehabilitation is an individual examination of the patient, assessment of the functional condition and creation of a plan leading to the adjustment of the disturbed motoric functions using a range of targeted methodologies and techniques. It is the effort to adjust movement stereotypes to homeostasis, the maintaining and promotion of health, prevention and health education, as well as efforts to ensure a certain quality of life.

John Wooden

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